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Our Foundation was founded in 1994 by a handful of animal-loving individuals living in and around Siofok. From 2004 we are a Public Benefit Foundation.


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Our shelter is located on the outskirts of Balatonszabadi, adjacent to the old land-fill site. Our shelter has gone through major improvement and development over the years in our efforts to try to live up to the expectations and challenges presented by the ever increasing number of stray animals needing accommodation, care, veterinary care and loving permanent homes.
The Animal Rescue Siófok is very lucky in that we have functioned as the Siofok Dog Pound since day one of our establishment. Thanks to this, no stray animal is ever put down. After the quarantine period is up the animals are added to our internet database in the hope that they will find permanent homes as soon as possible. We are also entrusted with the collection of all animals dead or killed in our district, for these activities we receive remuneration from the local Municipality. We also have such agreements with other smaller organizations in our vicinity and in lieu of their support we accommodate the strays from their area. We finance the bulk of the labour costs of our carers as well as transportation costs from the funding received in our official capacity as Dog Pound. We have very good relations with the Siofok Municipality, they have assisted us in a number of development projects recently and we feel that they are more and more appreciative of the work we do.
We have 4 employee, they are a well-bonded and long standing team taking care of our little ’lodgers’. WeThere is no doubt: the Animal Rescue Siófok would be lost without them, their dedication despite the difficult and uncomfortable working conditions is outstanding. They go about their business of feeding, cleaning, caring for the animals with the greatest competence and dedication and most importantly they help to socialize the often injured, damaged and scared animals through the kindness and affection they give them. We are hopeful that the day will come when we will be able to reward this attitude with a more decent salary.
We have 5-6 volunteers working alongside them who manage the database, webpage, telephone duties, adoption, correspondence and extensive administration. We take photographs of all our dogs and prepare a description of their character which is essential for the successful adoption process. We have recently set up our new home page with the help of our volunteers. As others like us, most of our funds come from donations.

Animal Rescue Siófok is also able to collect 1% of personal income tax that Hungarian tax payers can pledge to a charity of their choice. We also try to utilize all tendering possibilities, few as they may be. We try to economize on costs as much as we can as feeding and veterinary care are our main priority including vaccination, medication and neutering. This often presents us with an enormous burden, and as a result the bulk of the donations are directed here. However within our means we strive to improve the circumstances and conditions of the animals as much as we can. This is mainly possible with the contribution of our foreign supporters. We have very close ties to a number of German and Swiss organizations going back many years. They have helped us with donations of food, equipment and major developments. Kennels have been built with their help as well as fences, our electrical network has been upgraded, we were able to purchase a storage container, an insulated container used as a sick bay and we have built a wooden cat house.
We received as a donation from a local donor an area of land adjacent to the shelter, which has made it possible to better cater for the exercise needs of the animals. We have successfully populated this area allowing us to almost double our capacity during the past years. We also have close ties to numerous animal welfare organisations Nationally. Within our means we have tried to support the shelters at Tengelic and Paks in the past by providing food, taking over some of their dogs and re-homing them. We consider it our mission to propagate responsible animal ownership and animal welfare in order to avoid any form of cruelty to animals. We would like our name to be a deterrent to all who do not comply with the rules of responsible animal ownership.
Animal Rescue Siófok regularly takes over dogs from the Dog Pound operating at Enying once their quarantine is up, as a result none of these dogs are ever put down. We also try to help our friends, again within our means, at the Dog Pound at Dunavecse and Ajka. We strive to be very careful and circumspect in our re-homing procedures as our main goal is to find final and permanent homes for our dogs. All the bitches are spayed before being homed, puppies are recalled for spaying at the age of 8 months in the case of bitches. In the last six months all our dogs were micro chipped before being adopted, registered in the PETVETDATA system.

We check potential owners carefully and keep in contact with them. This takes a lot of work, but is worth it as we are able to eliminate inappropriate owners early on. Our shelter is open to visitors every day, we host visits by groups of school or kindergarten children as well. We plan to participate at local events to promote our work and hopefully recruit more volunteers. Another of our important projects is to popularize the love and protection of animals and nature among children and youngsters.
One of the projects that Animal Rescue Siófok would like to realize is the establishment of a puppy section where we would be able to provide the little ones with better conditions. The concrete foundation is ready, the fence is under way, however the wooden house located in the area is in need of refurbishment, insulation and appropriate cladding to comply with hygienic requirements. Unfortunately our funds have run out. A number of old kennels are also in need of refurbishment, roofs need to be changed, mud is also one of our big problems. After this we would like to provide a proper shelter for our workers where they could change in wet weather, or use as a lunch room. A used caravan would serve this purpose very well, or a smaller container, we are not looking at costly solutions. As a lot of the donations of raw meat need to be cooked, our old army mobile kitchen trailer has served its time, we would really need a new one. Our overheads have also increased significantly over the past year and we also need to find the source of this surplus cost.

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Animal Rescue Siófok is not a big and rich organisation, but we dream and plan from year to year and try to make as much of them come true as we can!


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We are located next to Balatoszabadi adjacent to the old land-fill site.
GPS coordinates: 46.920699,18.135198
Opening hours: daily from 2 pm- 3.30 pm including weekends and holidays.

Phone: +36 20 9223562, +36 20 4746848

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Bank account: Erste Bank 11992505-05500598-00000000
Transfer from abroad IBAN: HU31 1199 2505 0550 0598 0000 0000
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